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EDI Translation Software

We offer several EDI translators and mapping tools to convert messages from the data structures of your enterprise applications into the ANSI X.12 or EDIFACT standards.


Allows EDI enabled companies to trade with non-EDI companies who have access to a web browser. This allows for the efficient processing of transactions bi-directionally so that all parties can process data in their preferred format.

EDI Value-Added Network (VAN)

Enables secure, reliable, and efficient communications with trading partners around the globe. It includes services, such as Hosted Translation, that allows you to convert data into any format, EDIINT Services for processing AS2 data, and the ability to process any type of data format with any trading partner regardless of their technology.

AS2 Internet EDI

Are your business partners asking you to exchange EDI transactions over the Internet? Over the past few years AS2 has become the most popular communications protocol for exchanging EDI, surpassing even FTP. You can exchange EDI over our network using AS2 or via a direct point-to-point connection.